Workshop and Class Schedule

Marvelous Mondays with Nadine Charlsen and Lorelle Bacon
All Mediums Welcome

310 Art Gallery
Riverview Station, 191 Lyman Street, Asheville, NC. 

Contact  310 Art Gallery: 828 776-2716 for Nadine Charlsen's current class schedule.

Students choose projects & the instructor for the day will help you to continually improve your work with gentle guidance & encouragement. On ongoing study for beginning artists to professionals.  A chance to share your work and learn from each other.  Bring: Your chosen materials, projects, brushes, palette etc. Tables, easels, and a cozy workspace are provided for our small classes. If you are not sure what to bring, call 828 776-2716 or email We can provide materials to get you started for a small fee if you contact us prior to class.


    Marvelous Mondays s tudents  working in watercolor, oil and acrylic.

 Marvelous Mondays students working in watercolor, oil and acrylic.


Private Lessons with Nadine Charlsen

Private Lessons with Nadine Charlsen.


Nadine teaches in a one-on-one situation for anyone that would like to experiment in watercolor.  You can be a complete beginner or an experienced painter.  She will work with you for one or more days (usually 5-6 hours a day) to learn the skills you desire to achieve. Private lessons are usually held at 310 Art Gallery unless there is a conflict with other workshops at the Gallery.

Contact 310 Art Gallery at 828 776-2716 for enrollment information.


Taking the Fear Out of Watercolor,
August 4th, 2018


Aug 4 , 10-4

$125 includes special papers, and the use of all paints and tools necessary for the class. You may also bring your own brushes and watercolors if you like. 

Go beyond the traditional “clean” watercolor look. Learn to scratch, sand, layer, glaze or spatter, puddle, and smudge your work to get dramatic effects. Choose a subject with dramatic value and bring the painting to life. Use different papers, non-traditional tools, brushes and painting on an easel in this action packed workshop. 

 Experimental Watercolor with nadine Charlsen,  310 Art Gallery

Experimental Watercolor with nadine Charlsen,  310 Art Gallery

La Reunione, watercolor,

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,
Sep 22, 2018


Sep 22
10am - 4pm


Materials provided: Paper and some brushes and paints provided. You may also bring watercolor, your brushes and palette if you like.
Overcome your fears as you delve into and practice the important element of design – light and dark, or value. Start with darks and work into the light while you learn Notan and Grisaille. Create a value scale and a monochromatic scale too!  Perfect for both beginners and experienced artists. Techniques can be used in any medium.  Bring a high contrast reference of your choice or select from ones provided.   

Demystifying Watercolor, Techniques BEYOND TRADITION, OCT 20


Saturday OCT 20, 1018 10-4 pm
$125 includes some materials
Learn amazing experimental techniques, this is NOT your usual watercolor workshop!! You can experiment with; scrubbing, dripping, splashing and glazing and more in an unexpected way! Learn about different papers, non-traditional tools, brushes and painting on an easel.  Start new work, bring your own work to salvage/enhance, bring your own reference or use what is provided.  Experiment with light and dark before color and creating a strong mood before subject. Have a fun day of loose experimentation.  This is a workshop for all levels, artists with no or a lot of experience who want to explore new and free techniques with watercolor.  Nadine is an award winning former New York artist now residing in Asheville, with a studio at 310 ART.

Dramatic Light In Watercolor Landscapes,
Nov 10


Saturday, NOV 10, 10-4

Contemporary methods in watercolor focusing on dramatic mood and atmosphere. Delve into the charm and beauty of landscapes; explore silhouettes, reflections, shadows and back light. Learn how to make rain, snow, fog and other atmospheric effects sparkle. Work from your own photographs or found images.

at 310 ART, 191 Lyman Street, Asheville, NC, 828-776-2716